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Online Publicity

An important part of public relations is publicity.  Publicity in its simplest form is the means of conveying information to the general public through the media.  Online publicity then is any publicity that happens on the internet.  The internet has greatly changed public relations as it has transformed the way that people communicate with one another.  It is a great way for companies to interact with the public in a positive way.

online-news-distribution.jpgOnline publicity has become a huge part of public relations.  News sources can write about the company in online news articles, or people can write about the company on a personal blog.  Through a website, companies can communicate information about themselves to anyone outside of the company.  In today’s society, public relations professionals must be familiar with the internet and able to effectively use it in order to be successful.

One type of organization that uses the internet and social media particularly well is movie production studios.  They often use social media to raise awareness for their films.  Through their social media accounts, they typically will first post a poster for the movie, then a teaser trailer, and then a full trailer.  These releases are spread out over several months.  All of this is done to drum up positive buzz for the film because people will start talking about it on social media.  On top of that, there are typically blogs and various news sites that will post about each of these releases.  This gives the movie free publicity and lets more people know about it.  By doing this, the movie studios are getting the public excited about the new film.

C7qh7w5VUAMUaW0.jpgMarvel did this recently with its Spiderman: Homecoming movie that is coming out in July.  A teaser trailer was released back in December of 2016.  That generated a lot of buzz for the movie, and lots of online articles were written about it.  Then, on March 24, three new posters were released for the movie on the film’s official Twitter account.  Again, this got people talking about the movie and more blogs and online news sources wrote about in.  Finally, on March 28, Marvel released the first official trailer for the movie.  Even more articles and blogs were written about the release of the trailer, which again created more buzz for the film.

This is a very highly anticipated movie, so by releasing information about the movie in this way, they can increase the number of people positively talking about the film.  I am sure not all reviews were good as it is impossible to satisfy everyone, but for the most part, it helped build excitement for the movie in the hope that people will go see it when it is released in July.

It is very worthwhile for companies to put effort into obtaining online publicity.  In today’s society, so much of people’s lives is online.  Therefore, the internet is a great way to reach out to and communicate with the public.  Companies should take any chance they can get to communicate with the public in a positive way.  In addition, successful creative publicity campaigns can lead to countless new customers, sales, leads, and social followings.  It would be a waste not to take advantage of the online platform as a way to get publicity and spread brand awareness.